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Dr. Max Stephenson Jr. joined the Virginia Tech faculty in 1989 and has taught civil society and nonprofit and nongovernmental organization and public policy related courses since. He also serves as the Director of the Virginia Tech Institute for Policy and Governance, university research center. His current research interests include peacebuilding, democratization and development, community change processes, nonprofit and nongovernmental organization governance, international humanitarian relief and disaster risk reduction and arts and cultural development. Professor Stephenson has published widely in a number of leading academic journals.


Max Stephenson Jr. and Scott Tate. Eds. Tensions, Tactics and Imaginaries: The Roles of Art and Culture in Community Change. Submitted for consideration to Routledge Publishers, Oxford, England, October 19, 2012. 


Under contract and in preparation for Ashgate Publishers, Surrey, U.K., Theorizing Sport and Peacebuilding in Post-Conflict Societies: Challenges and Possibilities for Governance. Max Stephenson Jr., Marcy Schnitzer, Laura Zanotti, Yannis Stivachtis. Due: September 15, 2013.  Hardcover, ISBN 978-1-4094-6950-6.

Building Walls and Dissolving Borders: The Challenges of Alterity, Community and Securitizing Space. Surrey, U.K.: Ashgate Publishers,  March 2013. Ed. With Laura Zanotti. ISBN 978-1-4094-3835-9.          

Peacebuilding through Community-Based NGOs: Paradoxes and Possibilities Sterling, Va.: Kumarian Press, 2012. With Laura Zanotti.

Edited Volumes

Two volumes, American Behavioral Scientist, Democracy in an Age of Networked Governance: Charting the Currents of Democratic Change and Democracy at a Crossroads: Acknowledging Deficiencies, Encouraging Engagement, Vol.52, 6, February 2009, Vol. 52, 7, March, 2009. Editor, 18 articles and introduction. With Joyce Rothschild.

Theme issue, Journal of Emergency Management, Examining Disaster Dynamics in Networked Environments: Lessons from the Field, Special issue: 9(1), 2010. Editor, 8 articles and introductory/thematic essay. With James Martin.


Exploring Low-Income Housing Delivery Systems: Roles of Nonprofit Organizations in the United States. Korea Research Institute for Human Settlements. Seoul, Korea, 2010. With Sang Ok Choi, Hye Seung Kim and Sung Je Jeon. 

Articles, Book Chapters

Unforeseen and Unaccounted: The European Union, the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland, Peacebuilding and Accountability,” European Security. Published On-Line First, January 3, 2013,

In press, Exploring Producers™, Staff Members™ and Board Members™ Cognitive Frames on Decision-Making in an Appalachian Organic Farming Venture, Journal of Rural Social Sciences. With Curt Gervich and Marc J. Stern.

Theorizing the Role of Sport for Development and Peacebuilding, Sport in Society: Cultures, Commerce, Media, Politics. Published On-Line First, June 6, 2012, DOI10.1080/17430437.2012.690410.  With Marcy Schnitzer Laura Zanotti and Yannis Stivachtis.

Managing Networks as Learning Organizations in the Public Sector, International Journal of Management Science and Information Technology, Vol. 1(3), (January-March2012, pp.1-36. With Tracy Cooper.

Implementing the Liberal Peace in Post-Conflict Scenarios: The Case of Women in Black-Serbia, Global Policy Vol. 3 (1), February 2012, pp.46-57. With Laura Zanotti. 

Land Grant Engagement with Landcare: A Case Study of Building Community Capacity Higher Education: The International Journal of Higher Education and Educational Research, Vol. 64 (2), 2012, pp. 223-235. With Courtney Kimmel, Bruce Hull, David Robertson and Kim Cowgill.

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