Katherine Cennamo

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Katherine Cennamo is a Professor of Learning Sciences and Technologies at Virginia Tech. For the past 20 years, she has investigated the nature of design practice and how to best prepare instructional designers for the realities of professional practice. Throughout her career, Cennamo's work has focused on the application of learning theories to the design of technology-based instructional materials.  Through numerous funded projects, publications, presentations, instructional materials, and teaching activities, she has disseminated knowledge of instructional strategies based on established of theories of learning, illuminated the nature of instructional design practice so that scholars and designers alike better understand their work, and applied this knowledge to the preparation of future instructional design professionals. She has synthesized much of this work in her textbooks, Real World Instructional Design, co-authored with Debby Kalk, and Integrating Technology for Meaningful Classroom Use, co-authored with John Ross and Peggy Ertmer. Her experience is in the design of curriculum materials include the development of a museum web-site to support scientific inquiry on digital images of real objects, video-based professional development activities for an innovative mathematics curriculum, and interactive computer-based case study materials for the professional development of science teachers. Currently, her research and service activities focus on developing and sustaining a classroom culture that fosters critical and creative thinking skills in K-12 and higher education environments.  For more information about her recent work, seehttp://www.studiocollaborative.soe.vt.edu

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