Science Museum of Western Virginia


ICAT and the Science Museum of Western Virginia have forged a unique relationship to support the pathway of university research to public engagement at the museum. The partnership includes

  • the joint production of the Virginia Tech Science Festival
  • long-term museum exhibits from Virginia Tech stakeholders
  • workshops and camps at the museum from Virginia Tech faculty and staff
  • internships at the Museum for Virginia Tech students
  • collaborative space design by Museum and Virginia Tech staff

Current projects underway from Virginia Tech to be featured are:

  • Dense Space - Paola Zellner and Charles Nichols - Dense Space is a responsive audiovisual environment. It explores the use of linear fibre material to generate forms that in their interplay with light and motion densify the space, increasing its presence, and augmenting the experience of space. It is accompanied by Charles Nichols' composition, Beyond the Dark.
  • Cinemacraft - Ico Bukvic - Cinemacraft is an interactive exhibit that allows the user to see his or her mirror image in the version of a Minecraft avatar. A Kinect will allow the avatar to mirror the user's body and facial movements. There will be multiple screens displaying alternate views of the production.
  • Reimagining the planetarium – specialists in audio, video, and spatial design are collaborating to reimagine the planetarium.

In the museum now:

  • Plasma - George Hardebeck – Inspired by a plasma ball, Plasma is a computer-generated particle sphere that users can interact with through the use of a Leap Motion. Using their hands, visitors can pull tendrils out of the orb's core, generating interactive visual effects.

Virginia Tech faculty and staff are invited to shape the partnership. Join us for the next partnership meeting. Contact Phyllis Newbill ( for the schedule.

Got an idea for an exhibit? Tell us a little about it. Contact Phyllis Newbill ( with questions or ideas, or use the Google form. We’d love to hear from you!