"Stimulating conversation at the boundary between the Southwest Virginia community, technology, and the arts."

The ICAT Interact Studio develops and supports interdisciplinary research, curricular and action projects exploring the intersections of arts, culture and community change.

The Studio recognizes the potential of art and culture to help:

  • Address challenges confronting communities,
  • Bridge the differences dividing communities,
  • Explore the questions troubling communities, and
  • Create conditions for imagining alternative directions and futures for communities. 

Creativity lives in the heart of Interact Studio.  The arts are necessary to vibrant community life and to Interact Studio's research and educational goals.


The ICAT Community Mural Project

With the joint efforts of ICAT students, and under the leadership of Jacquelyn Pontious, a community mural was created in the playroom of ICAT, also known as the Sandbox. The aim of the mural was multifold. It not only encouraged community participation, but also provided a special physical place to each ICAT student where he can showcase his work. Below is a video capturing the process of mural making from start to end.

ICAT Community Mural from Jackie Pontious on Vimeo.