IMAGE Studio

"Revealing science through the arts and forging frontiers of computation and interaction for entertainment, training, and learning."

With every passing day the tools that we use, the fidelity of the immersion, and the disciplines that utilize these worlds expands to offer new possibilities. How will new devices like the Kinect change the way in which we interact with these virtual experiences? How can the visual effects tools of Hollywood help us better understand the molecular machines at work in our own bodies? How can the world of big data be converted into a more understandable world of sight and sound?
The Multi-Sensory Experience & Gaming Studio is interested in creating more immersive, engaging, and data rich experiences within virtual worlds.

  • Visualization
  • Soundification
  • Interaction
  • Gaming

The 3D Blacksburg Collaborative

A consortium of multi-disciplinary researchers, experts and students from various universities and governments, are creating a model for a virtual 3D city. This 3D model will provide innovative tools to serve three distinct user groups:

  1. Public (Tourism, Retail, Social, etc.)
  2. Operations (emergency management, treat assessment, police department, town planners, civil engineers
  3. Schools and University researchers.