IDEA Studio

"Promoting learning environments that foster critical and creative thinking by offering students time, space, permission... To think and do"

The Integrated Design + Education + Arts Studio (IDEAStudio) is dedicated to promoting the development of critical and creative thinking skills in learners of all ages. To that end, our research explores collaborative learning environments that emphasize the importance of the connections between and among disciplines. We believe in providing students adequate time to explore their surroundings and identify relevant problems, space to collaborate with others and test their ideas, and permission to develop and test their potential solutions to the challenges they identify. A transdisciplinary learning environment of this nature builds independent students who have the confidence and ability to tackle the challenges that lie before them.

Through our collaborations with faculty and students at Virginia Tech and teachers in the region, we have developed a collection of educational kits designed to facilitate critical and creative thinking. These kits are available for free to all Virginia teachers who wish to borrow them for use in their classroom. Visit the teacher resources page for more information or to request a kit for your classroom.

Below is a video created by IDEA Studio graduate students. They developed it for the “Commit to Graduate” program that encourages kids in local schools to make a plan to graduate high school.

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