NuSpark ~ A place where ideas ignite

NuSpark is a unique space for creating, collaborating and working to build big ideas into new ventures. It is a multi-faceted start-up resource connecting the New River and Roanoke valleys of Virginia with the goal of creating 10 new start-ups and generating $10 million in cash flow within two years. Located in Blacksburg, NuSpark is a work and collaboration space for innovators with pre-launch start-ups. Here, big thinkers can build their big ideas into new ventures, be it a new technology, application of a technology to a social problem, or a new commercial idea.

Sometimes, even big thinkers with big ideas need a little inspiration.  NuSpark provides thought provoking opportunities for teams through one-on-one sessions and mentoring.  Individuals learn from the collaboration which occurs and from the open sessions on topics entrepreneurs need:  how to validate ideas with customer insight, how to get start up funding.... and everything in between.  Check the events calendar for thought provoking opportunities.

Created out of a need for an early-stage entreprenurial space, the NuSpark program is a collaborative effort of many individuals and various organizations in the regional innovation ecosystem.


460 Turner Street NW, Blacksburg VA 24060
Down the steps from the Next Door Bake Shop on the parking lot side

Access & Hours of Operation:

  • NuSpark is open for use at noon every day until 9pm.
  • Team access is 24/7 via a keycard. An application process is in place for team access. Teams must validate ideas through customer discovery and feedback, which are critical aspects to the work within NuSpark.