Educator Inspiration

The IDEAStudio has available for loan a number of instructional kits designed to facilitate critical and creative thinking. Each kit focuses on the product of a transdisciplinary, collaborative project between Virginia Tech faculty or students and regional school teachers. Kits include an overview of the art and the lesson ideas, plus any hardware and software you need to do the lessons.  Among other things, each kit includes a FlipCam, a small camera you can use to give us feedback and share some of your classroom experiences with us.

Critical and creative thinking and design thinking are central components of the learning environments we investigate. Our research and collaboration with students, teachers, and faculty members has helped us discover that designers use the skills of critical and creative thinking in each of the phases of design. This booklet is for educators who would like to learn more about how and why to incorporate methods to support development of students’ critical and creative thinking skills, and it promotes a design-based learning environment as an ideal setting in which to help learners build these requisite skills.

  • Encouraging kids in local schools to make a plan to graduate high school

IDEA Studio graduate students made this video for the “Commit to Graduate” program that encourages kids in local schools to make a plan to graduate high school.