Design for America is a national organization and student network dedicated to making local, social impact through interdisciplinary project based work. They strive to solve issues around the community through human centered design as well as a six step process that incorporates brainstorming, ideation, prototyping and testing to arrive at a solution that best solves the problems at hand. Members are students from all majors and backgrounds on campus, creating an environment for truly interdisciplinary project teams. Past success from different projects has created impact in transportation, worker safety, and education. Some examples of work which relate to these topics include creating ergonomic molding containing baskets to prevent back injury, building a halloween themed exhibit for children at the annual ICAT Tech or Treat event, engaging with the local community with an interactive light installation at ICAT, and developing signage on campus to encourage alternatative forms of trasnsportation such as biking.

Join Design for America and develop a broader awareness of issues on campus and in the local community! Applications are open every fall and spring semester. New projects are introduced at these times as well. For more information, please contact us at or check out one of the links below.