ArtsFusion is a series of free events which brings together cutting-edge artists, scientists, engineers, and designers to campus to explore topics across disciplines and with the common theme of cultivating the creative process. Presented by the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology, ArtsFusion events will take place during the academic year.

Past Events

ArtsFusion Lecture: "Trillions: Opportunities at the Intersection at Technology, Business and Design" by Mickey McManus

April 9, 2014

Mickey McManus, the president, CEO, and principal of MAYA Design which is a leading technology design and innovation lab, talked about the intersection of design, technology, and business in the Age of Trillions. Learn more.

ArtsFusion Lecture: "A Case Study in Technology as an Artist's Medium" by Michael Mansfield

March 12, 2014

Michael Mansfield, associate curator of film and media arts at the Smithsonian American Art Museum presented a case study of Cloud Music (1974-1979) – a collaboratively engineered artwork created by Robert Watts, David Behrman and Bob Diamond – which at once offers both challenges and solutions for interpreting, exhibiting and caring for technology as an artist's medium. Learn more.

ArtsFusion Lecture: "Generative Justice: the Right to Innovation" by Ron Eglash

February 12, 2014

Ron Eglash, Professor in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), is an ethno-mathematician who studies the way math and cultures intersect. His presentation described the intersections between generative justice and engineering thorough the NSF-funded “triple helix” project, highlighting both successes and challenges we have encountered in developing this technosocial framework. Learn more.